When was the last time you...  

  • Met hundreds of awesome, talented and ambitious students?
  • Got to connect live with business leaders, TedX speakers and award-winning entrepreneurs? 
  • Learned a new language? 
  • Interned for a company across the world, let's say in snowy yet magical Sweden?
  • you get the point...
The Remote Internship Program has all of the above, plus a few extra surprises that will impress future employers and help you stand out in today's world. 

Submit your application form, enroll to the Remote Internship Program NOW and save $1000!


  • The Black Friday discount is valued at 900 EUR and it's not to be applied in conjunction with any other promotion offered by Absolute Internship.
  • Absolute Internship reserves the right to accept/reject applications according to eligibility to the program.
  • Eligible recipients must have been accepted and enrolled in the Remote Internship Program by Dec 3, 2020. A one-time payment of the program fees is required to confirm enrollment into the program.